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Wrongful Death


We at The Inserra Law Firm understand that losing a family member is very difficult. If you have a loved one that is now gone and you believe that they have been killed due to negligence, then you may have a case on your hands. You are able to make a claim to this negligent individual or company. When a person dies and there is a chance said person is now gone due to negligence or unlawfulness such as murder, then that person’s family may sue for Wrongful Death.


Wrongful Death Liability


Liability for a Wrongful Death claim can be summed down to the negligent behavior of the person involved. Someone liable of Wrongful Death does not have to be convicted for the death of said person. There are many cases when a company’s employee was responsible for an accident and these cases can sue the individual, as well as the companies supporting this individual. Lawsuits of these kind can be quite massive. These cases are usually for compensation of the family for loss of monetary support. In these cases the family will be properly taken care of, as well as receive a damage amount for the days since the date of the incident. Situations where Wrongful Death may apply:

  • Exposure to hazardous chemicals from work leading to death
  • Airplane crash due to improper handling
  • Medical malpractice leading to death

Some situations may even cause for a higher monetary compensation. If the deceased family member received pain and suffering for a duration of time before death, higher awards may be granted by a judge. If you or a loved one is curious or involved in a Wrongful Death lawsuit, contact a Fort Lauderdale Personal Injury Attorney. The Inserra Law Firm wants to pursue these people that have wronged your family. We guarantee to take extreme care so that the families of these victims can be properly compensated and receive the support that they need following the loss of the family member.

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